The following letter has been sent to each establishment on the list. We have asked them to stop serving shark fin soup and will continue to put pressure on these restaurants until they choose NOT to serve shark delicacy’s.  

March 28, 2008

Dear Manager,

We have come to the conclusion that serving Shark Fin Soup, a supposedly Asian delicacy, at your establishment in a first rate city like New York is totally unacceptable.  As environmentally concerned New Yorkers, we are strongly urging local restaurants to come together for a TOTAL BAN on Shark Fin Soup, which is the reason why so many endangered sharks are suffering a slow and cruel death as outlined in more detail on the attached document.  


You may not be aware that Shark Finning is a horrible practice.  That is why we are reaching out to tell you that populations of tiger, bull, dusky and other sea sharks have plummeted by more than 95% since the 1970s, according to an expert from the World Conservation Union. Shark species face extinction amid overfishing and appetite for fins.


With the increasing demand from customers on the ethical treatment of animals for food, we scratch our heads on kind of restaurant can serve this deadly dish?  That is why our ardent group of local professionals and concerned citizens is planning a city wide protest on restaurants that serve Shark Fin Soup.


On behalf of so many environmentally conscious customers, it is our request that you remove this item from your menu immediately.  We will be calling you in a few days to make sure you have received this letter, and to obtain your response.  We are sincerely hoping you will join is in saving the sharks on our planet.






One Response to “Letter to the Establishments”

  1. Stop serving shark fins, shark period!

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